A Reading of “Shadows” by Samira Noorali


Arif Sunesara, educator, called Noorali’s educational talk on Hero’s Journey and the Identity of the Artist “a powerful expose of the human condition. She intricately weaved the critical pieces of academia with passion, humor, charisma and a sense of spirit. Her poignant remarks on purpose within education were catalysts for teacher-educators, like myself, to break the status-quo and remake the world for a better future.”

Naveen Rao, a student of the Poetry Writing and Hero’s Journey Psychology workshop said “Samira’s course on the Hero’s Journey psychology was equal parts fascinating education and practical workshop. She encouraged students to be interactive in class and open up, effectively creating a space where we could explore themes, share our perspectives, and test ideas. Most importantly she emphasized the practical over the theoretical at every opportunity, such as the homework assignments, leaving me (and I suspect other students) with a lasting set of tools to analyze and understand the world around us the worlds within us.”

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