Noorali has taught writing workshops at University of Texas, addictions clinics, trauma groups, and even a group of journalists. She has lectured at University of Houston, literary events, corporate events, spiritual retreats and private events and has inspired a number of writers and non-writers to, like her, use poetry as part of their healing process.

Her workshops go from two – eight hours depending on the needs of the group and are usually on the topic of discovering one’s own Hero’s Journey, mythopoetic writing, dealing with trauma through writing, and compelling story-telling. These are fun and interesting workshops that inevitably lead to inner transformation and deep insight. The show A Simple Rebirth is itself a workshop of sorts, taking the cast through the process of catharsis, composition and finally, performance. See the process here on the Facebook Page in pictures and words! The lectures are no less transformative. See below for testimonials.

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