Performance: A Simple Rebirth

Noorali most recent dramatic presentation is based on her book, A Simple Rebirth (ASR), and has garnered much interest from Non-Profit Organizations, Universities, and Literary Organizations. Directed and performed by Samira Noorali, it features poet/actors Amyna Dosani, Zoya Gilani, Nydia Avolevan, Jarvis Price, Sofia Lakhani, Blanca Alanis Rodriguez and Musicians Noreen Ali and Saif Sattani. Earlier iterations of the show with Wordspace, a literary organization in Dallas, and Janan Collection featured Actor Asif Sayani and Guitarists Adnan Khoja and Hussein Fadwani. The latest versions of the show have been produced by Invisible Lines at Notsuoh Theater, Vox Culture Houston as a part of their Proclaiming Humanity Series, and Pandora’s Box at Margo Jones Theater in Dallas. Read about the cast here!

In this dramatized poetry and music performance, Noorali tells of the anguish and intense personal journey involved in the process of recovery from various traumas faced by women today. See the video of her poem “Shadow” below. In this show, original poetic and musical works on the theme of women struggling against violence and oppression are presented by a number of the cast members. The pieces deal with the aftermath of sexual assault, family conflicts, internal struggle with self-worth, as well as male responses to these struggles. Media coverage by KPFT Radio and Coog Radio helped to bring out more reflective conversation on these topics. As Coog Radio put it​, “The emotions cast members aimed to distribute on stage were felt so deep and powerful; tears were present among audience members. The receptive audience was fully engaged. Clapping, crying, and shouting, they managed to grip on to their seats, not letting go until the end of act two when the show confirmed that life improves, souls evolve, and ultimately, one must always cherish ‘A Simple Rebirth.”

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