Writing, Poetry and Theater


  • "Poetry writing & Hero's Journey workshops" presented at Addiction Therapeutic Services.  Palm Springs, CA. 2015
  • "Poetry and Ritual” lecture cum interactive session, Cielo Spiritual Retreat, Sky Valley, CA, 2015
  • "Poetry writing & Hero's Journey Psychology" 8-hour course through the Informal Classes Program, University of Texas, Austin, TX. 2013 and 2014
  • "Poetry and female sexuality” lecture cum interactive session, University of Houston Women's Resource Center, Houston, TX. 2014
  • "A Poetic Revolution” lecture cum interactive session, Palm Springs Network Luncheon, Palm Springs, CA. 2014
  • “Compelling story-telling and mythopoetic devices in journalism Journalism workshop, Aga Khan Council, Dallas, TX. 2014
  • "Sufism" College Program on Islam, Aga Khan Council, New York City, New York. 2014
  • "Hero's Journey and the Role of the Artist in Healing and Empowerment" PULSE Women's Therapy Group Launch, Austin, TX. 2013
  • "Hero's Journey and the Identity of the Artist" Research-Spark a Change, Educational Seminar through the Aga Khan Council. Sugar Land, TX 2013

Theatrical productions/Dramatic Readings

  • "A Simple Rebirth" featuring a cast of three readers/musician, produced by VoxCulture Houston. Written, directed and performed by Samira Noorali. Houston, TX 2014
  • "A Simple Rebirth," Produced by Invisible Lines, Directed by Samira Noorali, featuring nine actors/musicians. Notsuoh Theater. Houston, TX. 2015
  • "A Simple Rebirth," Pandora’s Box at Margo Jones Theater, featuring a cast of five actors/musicians. Written and directed by Samira Noorali. Dallas, TX. 2015
  • "A Simple Rebirth" Dramatic Reading featuring cast of three hosted by I heart Art and Music, Janan Collection, Houston, TX, 2012
  • "Island of the Animals" at Wortham Theater. Full-length stage play co-directed by Samira Noorali. Houston, TX. May 2005
  • "Teesri Pehchaan" University of Houston, Cullen Performance Hall. 15 minute, 4-act abstract musical, written and directed by Samira Noorali. May 2004
  • "La Page Blanche" University of Houston, Cullen Performance Hall. 18-minute, 4-act abstract musical, written and directed by Samira Noorali. April 2003

Featured Poetry Readings

  • Featured readings, Connected, Coachella Valley Arts Scene, Palm Springs, CA. 2015, 2016
  • Featured Sensory Reading co-performed and co-curated by Noorali, Whitewater Preserve, CA. 2015
  • Featured Reading, Koffi, Rancho Mirage, CA.  2015
  • 100000 Poets for Change, University of California Riverside
  • Featured Reading, Craft Day at Whole Foods, Coachella Valley Arts Scene, Palm Desert, CA. 2015
  • PoetX, Wordspace Literary Organization, Dallas TX. 2014
  • Featured Reading, Malvern Books, Austin, TX. 2014
  • Featured Reading, Vox Culture Houston's Proclaiming Humanity, Houston, TX. 2014
  • Poetry in the Park, Sacramento Poetry Center, Sacramento, CA. 2013
  • Featured Reading, Porterville Library, Porterville, CA. 2013
  • Featured Reading, Lucky Dog Books, Dallas, TX. 2013
  • Colloquium on Gender-Based Violence, University of Houston, Houston, TX. 2014
  • Featured Reading, The Global Quantum Shift Community Group meeting, Austin, TX, August 28, 2013

Book Signings

  • Sundog Books, Seaside, FL. 2013
  • Books off Main, Porterville, CA. 2013

Published Work



  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Houston, Double Major: Creative Writing and Psychology. Houston, TX. 2006
  • Juris Doctor, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Law. 2006. Sacramento, CA. 2010
  • Certificate of Completion, Under the Volcano, Writing Residency. Tepoztlan, Mexico. 2016

Recent Music Performances and Group Composition Experience

  • Vocal performance with international cultural music ensemble under Director Hussein Janmohamed. Aiglemont, France. 2017
  • Vocal performance with David Gonzalez at Furst World. Joshua Tree, CA
  • Vocal performance and co-created musical arrangement with Masjee Musica directed by Salim Merchant at Jubilee Games 2016. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2016
  • Vocal and piano performance at Global Village, Jubilee Games 2016. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2016
  • Raag-based piano performance at Jammin' Java. Vienna, VA. 2016
  • Vocal performance at Las Volcanistas Concert. Tepoztlan, Mexico. 2016
  • Vocal performance at 111 Music Festival. Palm Springs, CA. 2015
  • Vocal Recording with Salim-Sulaiman. 2014
  • Back-up Vocal Performance at Salim-Sulaiman Concert at Roy Thompson Hall. Toronto, CA. 2014
  • Piano performance of original compositions with World Fusion Band, Inyle. Washington, D.C. 2012
  • Vocal/Piano performances of original compositions with the Ismaili Music Ensemble
    • Two concerts at International Festival (iFest) Houston. Houston, TX. 2011
    • Gifts of the Sultan Concert at Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston, TX. 2011
    • Family Day Concert at Museum of Fine Arts Houston
    • Rebirth of Expression Concert Sugar Land, TX. 2011
    • Legal Professionals Conference concert, Houston, TX. 2010
    • Three full-length private concerts, Sugar Land, TX. 2010
  • Vocal Performance of co-created musical arrangement with Golden Jubilee Chamber Ensemble of the Aga Khan Council. Atlanta, GA. 2008
  • Vocal recordings of original compositions with World Fusion band, Saz. San Jose, CA and Houston, TX. 2008

Recording Experience

  • Vocal Recording for C-Stone's song "Breadwinner." 2015
  • Vocal Recording with Salim-Sulaiman. 2014
  • Vocal and Piano recordings of original compositions with World Fusion band, Saz. San Jose, CA and Houston, TX. 2008

Music Direction/Teaching Experience

  • Asst. facilitator of interfaith choral workshops and performance at Aga Khan Museum's Enlightened Encounters program. Sugar Land, TX. 2014
  • Director of Ismaili Music Ensemble, Houston, TX. 2010-2012
  • Instructor of private and group, piano and voice lessons. Palm Springs, CA 2016-2017. Sugar Land, TX and Houston, TX. 2001-2006
  • Asst. Dir. of Young American Ismaili Symphonic Orchestra, Houston, TX. 2001

Education and Training

  • Music composition and recording residency, Graviosity Studios. Sterling, Virginia. April 2016
  • Vocal training for Opera. Barbee Monk. 2017
  • Russian piano technique. Dr. Slava Gabrielov. 2011
  • Hindustani classical vocal. Heera Kulkarni. Sacramento, CA. 2007-2009
  • Improvisational piano and music composition. Houston, TX. 2004-2006
  • Classical Vocal, Porterville, California and Houston, TX. 2000. 2001-2005. 2010
  • Choral Ensembles. Porterville, California. 1994-2000
  • Classical piano. Porterville California. 1991-1999. 2003