Dramatic Production: A Simple Rebirth


In this dramatized poetry performance, Noorali tells of the anguish and intense personal journey involved in the process of recovery from various traumas faced by women today. In this show, original poetic and musical works on the theme of women struggling against violence and oppression are presented by a number of the cast members. The pieces deal with the aftermath of sexual assault, family conflicts, internal struggle with self-worth, as well as male responses to these struggles. Media coverage by KPFT Radio and Coog Radio helped to bring out more reflective conversation on these topics.

The dramatic production of A Simple Rebirth at Notsuoh Theater on April 16-18 was a huge success. The theater was packed all three nights and the cast’s performance was incredible!

If you would like to be part of the next production or would like to have it presented at an event. Contact us! This cast loves to travel so even if you are outside of Texas, we will consider coming to you! This cast is incredibly passionate about spreading their empowering message so let us know if you’d like to collaborate.