A Simple Rebirth: Poetry book

This illustrated poetry anthology is Samira R. Noorali’s first creative publication. While the work is often categorized as a poetry and art collection, it is more than just a sum of its parts. A Simple Rebirth can be read beginning to end as a mosaic narrative following the journey of rape survivors from a place of emotional darkness to a place of healing. Readers can also experience each poem separately, as each has its own unique form and independent journey.

Zahid Dewji, illustrator of A Simple Rebirth, is an artist, musician, and educator of East-African Indian descent currently residing in Houston, Texas and teaching in the greater Houston area. A native New Yorker, Zahid has a Bachelors of Music From New York University and no formal art education. As a freelance musician and artist, he works to explore the strong correlations between music and visual art and the creative processes that bind both mediums. A Simple Rebirth is Zahid’s first published collection of illustrative work.